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TECHNOLES M JSC has been created in 1992

Our company is majoring in supplies of equipment, spare parts, consumables to Russian plywood industrial complexes., as well as in sales of production of these industrial complexes.

Technoles M company has started its activities just from the development and manufacturing of spare parts for home and foreign equipment for plywood manufacturing. These activities till now is one of major directions of our company. Technoles M JSC carries out experimental & engineering developments for the purpose of creation and launching of the equipment, which would not trailing better foreign samples. So, within last years we have not only got experience, but also managed to implement the whole range of own developments. In particular, we have developed, patented and implemented holding screws on the basis of ball-and-screw unit, what stimulated the extensive use of the name of ball-and-screw unit in the plywood industry. The resource of such screws exceeds several times the resource of standard ones, with bronzed nuts. We have mastered kinds of screws for home and for foreign equipment.

Nowadays more than 100 sets of ball-and-screw units have been supplied.

Our experts carry out works on creation of spindle groups of peelers on the basis of linear bearings replacing unreliable and fast wearing out bronzed cups. Having finished the hermetization of the bearing block our company has started the regular manufacturing of such items.

We manufacture almost the whole product mix of high wearing spare parts of the toolhead and other blocks of foreign and home made peelers, as well as spare parts and blocks of different kinds of veneer dry kilns.

Results that we have obtained in manufacturing of spare parts of chip flakers (and almost 80% of plants are equipped with TR chip flakers) allow us not only carry out complete manufacturing of such items as rotor, but, what we would like to underline, to repair this expensive block, what we consider as a very actual issue for customers. We have already fulfilled such kind of work for dozens enterprises.

Our experience allows to finish and repair heating slabs of different modifications of presses. Further, already purchased new technologic facilities allow obtaining the complete cycle of press-slabs manufacturing.

Technoles M JSC develops spare parts as well as separate blocks for Russian and foreign equipment, as well as whole automation lines. We have got a patent for all items we have developed.

Our last development is the automatic line of cutting and laying of raw veneer, which production performance are not worse than European analogues.

While creating the line our target was to increase the production capacity of the peeling line, which will include ALCL. Our line is built on the base of block & modular structure, what allows replacing the obsolete equipment not only in modules, but also in separate blocks (for example, replacement of AVL scissors while keeping existing conveyers).

The complete ALCL option includes:

– module of the intermediate conveyer from the peeler to the input scissors conveyer.

– module of the input and output scissors conveyer with speed of 2 m/sec, rotor type scissors with the mechanism of knife tightening, as well as the conveyer of veneer waste supply,

– veneer laying module with rise lift tables and pull-out live rolls,

– module of the automatic control system.

As a Customer’s option the line has an opportunity of veneer humidity grading, as well as logging of defects (the speed of knife working (8 strokes per sec.) is quite enough for it).

The module of the automatic control system is developed according to requirements of a special Customer, what solves such issued as automation and optimization of peeling, logging and laying processing depending on the kind of peeler, as well as allows to apply ALCL with home made peelers, as well as with Finnish ones. For example, our line is prepared for launching along with ЛУ 17-10 peeler at the Vlast Truda plant (city of Nizhny Lomov).

Lately, plywood enterprises have got an obvious trend of the complex approach to the solving of problems of increase of production capacity. It comprises the aiming of many enterprises to increase the production quality and volume, as well as to reduce expenses.

Our activities have got just such trends of development.

Upon terms of reference of certain enterprises Technoles M carries out the technical audit of plywood facilities. Our experts compose the list of tasks, and by solving of such tasks enterprises achieve their goals.

There are 3 main ways of modernization and increase of production volume:

1. Replacement of the equipment for the new one,

2. Renovation of the equipment, while removing it abroad.

3. Renovation of the equipment directly at the plywood enterprise.

We offer the 3 way to our Customers.

Anyway, it is rather difficult to reproduce all range of the equipment applied in the plywood manufacturing. That’s why we are maintaining reliable relations with foreign companies, which are our permanent suppliers at the moment. The main foreign partner of our company is KUPER, a German company. This is an acknowledged leader in the field of veneer processing technology. For example, as you know, veneer adhesion technology with KUPER thread, which is patented by the company, is the corner stone of splicing.

Nowadays, Technoles M JSC is the exclusive dealer of KUPER company at the Russian plywood market of Russia and CIS countries. We offer you the whole range of equipment, such as: equipment for longitudinal and across-the-gain splicing by means of glue and adhesive thread (end-to-end and wedging), logging scissors, adhesive machines, equipment for packing of goods into the thermosetting film…

Special attention should be paid to the automatic line of veneer splicing – FC-DMF, for internal plywood layers.

The machine is equipped with automatic FC scissors having regulated adjustments for defects logging. Scissors have two delivery speeds: 20 and 40 meters. At the same time experiments showed that the optimal speed for the thin birch veneer is 20 m/min, and 40 m/min for the thick coniferous.

The criss-cross principle of thread adhesion applied hereunder allows completely avoiding the veneer overlap.

In-built scissors log the glued veneer mattress to the format, and than formatted veneer sheets are formed into a stack by the automatic layer.

This machine has got a modification designated for the wide veneer used for the manufacturing of 2440 mm plywood. FC-DMF line is equipped with 7 patented turning heads, what is alike the above-mentioned criss-cross principle.

We would like to underline that this machine can work with all veneer format without program adjustment.

These automatic lines successfully function at Ufimsk, Zelenodolsk, Arkhangelsk plants with our Russian birch raw materials.

One of last developments of KUPER company in the field of splicing is represented by the FL/Innovation model designated for adhesion of veneer of face plywood layers. This machine has highly recommended itself at Novator plant (city of Veliky Ustyug).

The process of adhesion of veneer stripes is carried out by means of carbomide glue under high temperature and pressure. It provides the best joining (adhesion). This is achieved by the special heat supply process and the longer transport section. Besides heavy stationary equipment one should pay attention to manual machines for veneer adhesion and repair designated for hard-to-reach areas.

Technoles M stocks have got the only consignation stock of KUPER company in Russia. We always have consumables (original adhesive threads for splicing, parting fluids etc.), spare parts, so, almost everything for non-stop and timely supply of enterprises.

Representing KUPER company in Russia we work with our supplier not only for the matters of new equipment.

Due to its wonderful manufacturing basis KUPER for already many years purchases and restores any used wood processing equipment. If we will manage to avoid stereotypes referred to the notions “used” and “second hand”, then it is easy to come to the conclusion, that it means the proven, i.e. reliable technology with well-known merits. Of course, it is worth saying then the used equipment has been treated by a real workmaster. KUPER company offers the equipment with fully restored resource and with factory guarantee (6 months) for the price, which is about 40% cheaper than the new one. German stocks at the same time have more than 3000 positions.

Other import activities of our company refer to the cutting instrument supply.

Technoles M represents in the territory of Russia and CIS countries TOYO KNIFE and KANEFUSA Japanese companies, which are one of world leaders in the cutting instrument production.

Both companies issue the whole list of industrial knives: peeling ones, plane knives, guillotine knives, hogging cutters etc. Industrial knives can be manufactured according to customer’s technical drawings.

Also we offer you disc saws for timber wafering (longitudinal and crosswise), saws for cutoff turning etc. made by Japanese KANEFUSA Corporation.

Kanefusa saws refer to high class production (higher than one of most famous West European manufacturers), providing in case of right maintenance, the longer work period and the output of more high quality production.

The evidence hereunder was provided once again at the Ligna Plus 2003 exhibition, which took place this May in Hanover. Kanefusa provided many new developments in the field of disc saws, molder knives and ordinary knives, the company production was of great interest not only for clients, but also for representatives of other famous companies – cutting instrument manufacturers.

Kanefusa saws are already been used at wood processing enterprises of Russia and received most positive replies. Our clients consider Kanefusa saws better than Leitz, Paritet, Swedish and Finnish disc saws.

Angelo Cremona, the Italian company you should know, one of leading world manufacturers of the whole range of wood processing equipment supplies its format cutting saws for plywood cutting only within a set with KANEFUSA saws, as no other saws of other manufacturers cannot stand work regimes (8000 turns per minute with high delivery speed), which can stand saws of our Japanese partner, and they do stand it! It is also confirmed by the experience of these lines maintenance and by plywood enterprises, which are our clients.

As you can see, while having a large experience in promotion of best foreign plywood manufacturing equipment in the Russian market we are not going to remain at achieved positions and in the nearest future we will be ready to introduce you new manufacturers, which, of course, will hold the decent place among your business partners.

Finally, I would like to highlight that our company is oriented to long-term partnership. We offer flexible payment terms for equipment and spare parts. In particular, we offer the large-scale splicing KUPER equipment with yearly installments and logging and laying lines – with 8-9 months installments. Till next year we are planning to start solving the issue with the equipment supply under the leasing schedule.

Nowadays we’ve got among our partners more then 70 largest plywood manufacturers from Russia, Belarus, Baltic countries and, I think, this is the obvious evidence of stability and success of our company, which are directly referred to the development of the whole Russian plywood industry.

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